House Rules

To ensure a pleasant stay and prevent possible misunderstandings, please familiarize yourself with the house rules. By confirming your reservation, you acknowledge that you are aware of the house rules and agree to fully comply with them.

In order for the host to register the guest's stay in their accommodation unit, guests are required to submit personal documents of all guests for registration (passport or ID card) and, if not already paid, settle the remaining amount for the rental of the accommodation unit. Local residents can keep personal documents only as long as necessary for guest registration in the e-visitor system.

The host is available to guests during their stay for all necessary information and assistance.

Guests are responsible for the order and cleanliness of the accommodation unit and are obliged to maintain it. The host is not obligated to clean and tidy the accommodation units during the guest's stay, nor to remove garbage from the accommodation units.

The host will change the bed linen every 7 days or by arrangement. The host is obliged to provide guests with towels and toilet paper. The host is not obliged to provide guests with hygiene products, cleaning and dishwashing products, and a dishwasher.

The host has no obligations and is not responsible for organizing leisure activities and guest entertainment.

Guests are responsible for their belongings and valuables left in the accommodation unit. The owner is not responsible for any loss of belongings. When leaving the accommodation unit, be sure to close the windows and lock the doors.

The host has no right to enter the rented accommodation unit in the absence of the guest. The exception is special circumstances, for which it is necessary to enter it to prevent damage or danger. The owner is obliged to inform guests of their entry at the first subsequent contact. In case of justified suspicion by locals that damage has occurred, guests are obliged to allow the owner to enter the accommodation unit for a check.

Guests are allowed to bring pets into the accommodation unit only with the host's and agency's permission. Pets are not allowed without prior notice when booking. The guest must ensure that the pet does not jump on the furniture and cause damage, and must immediately clean up their waste in the apartment, yard, or house, in its immediate vicinity and on the beach. If it is agreed in advance that the pet can only be outside the accommodation unit, it is strictly forbidden to allow the pet to enter the reserved accommodation unit.

It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, flammable and explosive substances, and substances with a strong and unpleasant odor into the accommodation unit.

Please take care of the rented accommodation unit and handle the furniture and equipment inside and outside the property carefully. It is not allowed to move furniture from room to room, take internal furniture to other accommodation units, outside the property, or to the beach (kitchen chairs from the kitchen to the terrace, dishes and cutlery to other accommodation units, towels or blankets from the accommodation unit to the beach, etc.).

When leaving the accommodation unit, be sure to close the curtains, turn off the lights, electrical appliances, and turn off the taps. Especially do not leave the air conditioner on when you are not in the accommodation unit and do not use it with open windows and doors.

It is forbidden to throw waste into toilet bowls, sinks, and other places not intended for it, and to dispose of it in the yard or in the immediate vicinity of the house. Separate waste in plastic bins next to the house and parking (mixed waste, glass, paper, plastic, organic waste).

Entry into the interior and exterior of the accommodation unit is strictly forbidden to persons who are not users of this unit. If people who are not registered or announced during the reservation or without the knowledge and approval of the host will stay in the accommodation unit, the host has the right to cancel the accommodation for all guests.

A guest who intentionally or unintentionally causes damage or damage to the property is obliged to compensate the host for the full amount of the damage. The owner of the property may request a deposit from the guest for each reserved accommodation unit. The guest pays the advance on the day of arrival in the reserved accommodation unit. The advance is fully refunded to the guest on the day of departure, if they leave the accommodation unit in the same condition as on the day of arrival.